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How IVR Helped One Website Dramatically Boost Performance has pulled ranks in terms of selling co-branded corporate gift cards and other merchant cards, so much so that as the company grew, it needed to reevaluate its contact center processes to keep pace with customer inquiries. Looking to expand upon its performance, the company turned to VoltDelta's cloud-based call center solution to help streamline its call queue, including replacing its legacy system and revamping its IVR solution.

Can Call Center Solutions Help Mitigate Agent Idle Time?

Having agents sitting idle isn't really good for the bottom line, but if you're not sure when the next spike in calls is going to occur, it may be your habit to just leave them on the clock. Even if you have great forecasting and scheduling call center solutions, agents could still be putting in too much idle time.

VoltDelta Security Staff Receives Accreditation from ISACA and ISC2

VoltDelta provides a cloud-based contact center infrastructure for businesses that seek to upgrade their on-premises legacy systems, add home-based agents, or geographically expand their call center solutions. The company has been working in the field of call center provision for 35 years. Its business model survives, in part, on the fact that it provides secure connections for its clients, so its recent announcement that two of its security team members have received additional accreditation marks an important step for the company.

New Headset Solution Revealed for Call Centers

Call centers serve as the primary point of contact for businesses. Agents are the first to handle customers' questions and complaints and, therefore, they need to put their best foot forward. Employees are a key aspect of successful call centers, and the skill of the agents and their availability to handle calls in a timely and effectively manner is crucial to the success of the business. Equipping them with the right tools to help them carry out their jobs is paramount.

Multichannel Call Center Solutions Meet Customer Expectations and Eliminate Pet Peeves

Customers haven't changed in their basic wants in recent decades. The ways with which they communicate with companies, however, has changed radically and will continue to. This has presented an enormous challenge for companies hoping to offer top-notch customer support. For companies hoping to succeed, there are a number of hurdles they must overcome.

Cloud Contact Center Model Helping VoltDelta Grow

There is little that impacts long-term success as much as quality - even cost eventually gives way to better products and service levels, and can allow lesser known brands to build market share. That extends beyond end-product quality to service and customer care, as well, especially in today's age of unrivalled choice. In both respects, dedication to quality is the key reasons Steve Chirokas, vice president of marketing, believes VoltDelta is differentiating itself and growing its business, having developed a premium contact center product that allows its customers to provide high levels of customer care.

Telekom Indonesia Acquires 75 Percent of Contact Centres Australia

Telekom Indonesia is making strides in becoming a multinational competitor. It is buying up other companies and creating substantial partnerships that have resulted in its expansion throughout Indonesia, and most recently it has established itself as a major player in Australia by purchasing more than half of Contact Centres Australia (CCA).

Construction Equipment Company Uses Call Center Solution to Improve Customer Experience

A construction equipment company with several offices across two states has used a call center solution developed by AVOXI to improve customer experience and allow the different offices to function as if they were one.

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