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Telekom Indonesia Acquires 75 Percent of Contact Centres Australia

Telekom Indonesia is making strides in becoming a multinational competitor. It is buying up other companies and creating substantial partnerships that have resulted in its expansion throughout Indonesia, and most recently it has established itself as a major player in Australia by purchasing more than half of Contact Centres Australia (CCA).

Construction Equipment Company Uses Call Center Solution to Improve Customer Experience

A construction equipment company with several offices across two states has used a call center solution developed by AVOXI to improve customer experience and allow the different offices to function as if they were one.

'Stand Up To Cancer' Event Gets Live Call Center Support

The latest Stand Up To Cancer event took place Sept. 5 and was broadcast on more than 30 television channels for all supporters to see. This year's presentation was the fourth annual, and Eric Stonestreet of "Modern Family," Melissa McCarthy, and Steve Carell led the charge by passing the show's torch and lighting the stage with "fiery passion," according to the SU2C website.

Report: RCS Market Predicted to Reach Nearly $5.8 Billion by 2019

A recent market report indicates that the rich communications services market is poised to continue to grow through the year 2019. Despite challenges from over-the-top (OTT) service providers, analytics predict that it will reach a global worth of $5,749.6 million in five years -- up from $596.3 million in 2013 -- and that major players in the market will continue to be the driving force behind its success.

Call Center Trends Shaping Customer Service in 2014

Customer service continues to be an important strategy for businesses as this is one of the key areas that differentiates the offerings of one company from another, and also gives companies a competitive advantage in today's crowded market. Hence, call centers that interact directly with customers are embracing technology in a big way to improve their quality of service.

New Cloud Solution Delivers Higher Capabilities for the Blended Call Center

In today's customer-centric business landscape, blended call center technology can play a crucial role in delivering exemplary customer support. Ytel, a cloud communications software vendor has recently come up with a new contact center communication platform that aims to address the loopholes in the existing blended call center solutions.

Philippines Looking At Unionizing Call Center Workers

With more and more call center jobs are moving back to the United States, those people remaining abroad who have a job in a contact center are being urged to take action in order to keep their livelihood.

Sykes Opts to Close Call Center Facility in Favor of Work-from-Home Alternative

Today's emphasis on customer care has allowed a number of call centers to grow and increase hiring; however, this is not always the case. Some contact centers, in fact, are not doing well and needed or decided to close, lay-off staff or offer employees part time and full time work at home (in virtual call centers). This just happens to be the case for Sykes Enterprises Inc., a provider of contact management solutions with call centers throughout the world.

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