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Gartner Places Vocalcom in Magic Quadrant Five Years in a Row

The research firm Gartner has named Vocalcom as part of its Magic Quadrant in a report on contact center infrastructure for its cloud contact center solutions.

Injixo to Provide Amway New Zealand its WFM Solution

Established in 1959 by Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos, Amway, uses a multilevel marketing model to sell a range of products in more than a hundred countries around the world through affiliated companies. Beginning in the late 50s and continuing through today, Amway has been integrating the latest technology in the marketplace to improve the operational efficiency of the organization and provide its customers with quality support. The New Zealand affiliate of the company announced it has selected a cloud-based global workforce management from injixo for overall improvements in its regional contact center.

Cloud-Based Call Center Solution Goes Global

Contextual and seamless interactions are what every customer expects to have when reaching out to a company. Regardless of channel or location, a company should be capable of providing this type of aware customer service that smoothly routes the customer to the proper agent or channel so he or she can find resolutions with as minimal stress as possible.

Rosetta Turns to IBM for Improved Engagement

The call center serves as the hub for the customer experience, and as companies have shifted to more customer-centric mindsets we've seen much in the way of improving the customer journey and engagement. This week, we saw customer engagement agency Rosetta launched the IBM edition of its NEXUS Operating System (OS).

Take Voice From Last Resort to Top of the Heap

When it comes to solving a problem, customers like to take care of that job alone, if at all possible. Online video, frequently asked question sheets, knowledge bases and a host of other points help to get this done and provide customers the level of self-service desired, but sometimes, none of this is enough to help, and customers turn to the voice lines to get those all-important answers. But is it possible to take voice from the channel of last resort to the channel that makes lifelong customer friends? It can be, with the right philosophy behind it.

STARTEK Deploys iGuard to Increase Payment Security in its Contact Centers

When call center operators provide services for companies, they are privy to a wide range of private information about their customers. Human nature being what it is, many employees around the world have used their position to use this information to commit criminal acts, which results in major inconveniences to the rightful owner. With that in mind operators have been implementing security protocols that limit the amount of access agents to sensitive information. STARTEK, a global BPO service provider of comprehensive call center solutions, is going a step further by implementing the iGuard platform by IntraNext Systems to protect the credit card information of customers.

Avista Utilities Upgrades to Oracle Customer Care and Billing

Oracle recently announced that it has upgraded the legacy customer care and billing system of Avista Utilities - a major provider of energy services and utilities to thousands of homes in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.

Reports? Who Needs Call Center Reports?

While the call center serves is the frontline of customer service for many companies, its agents are unfortunately left poorly equipped or undermanned to handle the demand of today's customer. Companies are not doing their due diligence in measuring performance, as reporting is a key function in the call center.

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