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Vocalcom and Zendesk Give PIXmania a New Lease on Customer Service Life

By itself, PIXmania has been on something of a tear of late, working its way toward becoming a major name in lean providers. Its ultimate goal, at last report, was to fundamentally change the service experience for those businesses with facets directly facing the customer, and without respect toward the particular channel that customer was using. That's no small task, and so it shouldn't surprise that such a task could need a bit of help to be done fully.

Netop Releases Latest Version of Live Guide Chat Software

Netop recently announced that it had updated its Live Guide online chat software. The Web-based solution makes it easier for companies to offer support to online customers and arrives just in time for the holiday season, when support calls will likely reach their highest volume of the year.

NetNet Enters the Call Center Solutions Market with VoltDelta Acquisition

In an effort to stand out from competitors, network services providers continue to look for opportunities to serve a wider array of businesses. NewNet Communication Technologies, a Skyview Capital company, clearly believes that reaching into the call center space is a good way forward. The company recently announced its acquisition of New York-based cloud contact center solutions provider VoltDelta. It's NewNet's first foray into the contact center market.

3 Call Center Solutions You Shouldn't Do Without

Technology is a powerful tool when you want to deliver quality customer care, as long as the technology you choose enables you and your employees to better meet your standards of care. There are certain features that can help you create ideals interactions, while others may just complicate the mix. The key is to understand the customer experience through each step and the tools your employees need within your call center solutions to ensure exceptional care.

Q-Suite Receives Major Update to Dialplan Call Center Solution

Indosoft, developer of Q-Suite, a multi-tenant call center software for Asterisk, announced that it has modified Q-Suite's Visual Dialplan Builder to add and enhance features when used with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.

Bright Pattern's ServicePattern Cloud Contact Center Puts Sales, Customer Service in Video

With the official start to the Christmas shopping season just a few days away, it's not hard to look at the overall market and see that, perhaps now more than ever, customer service and sales efforts are a hugely important part of any business. Bright Pattern is out to help make it a little easier for customers to get in contact with businesses, and get the best of sales and customer service, with some new additions to its ServicePattern cloud contact center platform.

ACD Integration with CRM Leads to Improved Customer Insight and Efficiency

The call center is often tasked with being an all-knowing, all-seeing organization. Customers expect that when they call or otherwise contact a company, the person they reach will understand their history with the company, and even their preferences. More often than not, however, this doesn't happen. Agents aren't provided with all the information they need, and even if they are, it's not provided in an easily understandable way.

Broadvoice Adds New Functionality to Hosted PBX Solution

Broadvoice, a provider of hosted voice and data solutions, has announced the addition of several new features to its Cloud PBX hosted phone service for businesses and call centers. Most notable are the new Monitor, Whisper and Barge functions.

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