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Study: eGain, Forrester Show Lack of Customer Service Improvement

eGain, a provider of cloud-based customer engagement software, recently announced the findings of its latest industry survey. In the survey it commissioned Forrester Consulting to complete, it found that opinion of customer service is either worse than it was last year or stagnant at best.

Call Center Solution Brings BPO into the Cloud

Today, updating a call center is a cloudy venture. The cloud provides the flexibility and cost savings needed into today's ever-changing business landscape. The ability to customize an offering to fit one's needs is invaluable, and one firm seeing the benefits of a new cloud deployment is Tactical TeleSolutions.

VoltDelta's IVR Solution for Rx Outreach Earns Speech Industry Award

VoltDelta recently announced that it was jointly named with Rx Outreach as 2015 Speech Industry Award recipients in the Implementation Awards category for an IVR solution that facilitated prescription assistance for low-income recipients. The solution improved client engagement while complying with regulations like HIPAA.

Cyara Crawler Automates IVR Development, Alterations

Cyara, a developer of interactive voice response (IVR) development software, recently announced the launch of its Cyara Crawler application, which can automatically reverse engineer existing call center IVR's to give developers more power when changing their call mapping structures.

Fonolo Partners with SJS for Digital Display of Call-back Info

Fonolo develops its own call-back software for businesses that want to replace hold time with agent-returned calls to customers. It recently announced a partnership with SJS Solutions, a provider of digital displays, to make its call-back queuing available on large screens in call center workrooms.

Indosoft Announces Upgrades to ACD Call Center Solution

The pool of call center solutions options is a deep one. With such a vast amount of offerings available, innovation and development must remain front of mind. Indosoft, known for its provision of Asterisk-based call center solutions, announced the development and expected release of its new and improved Q-Suite 6.

SMBs See New Call Center Solution

The call center is in the process of transformation, and this evolution is creating a demand for more 'evolved' solutions. In response to this trend, NewVoiceMedia has released a call center solution that is not just cloud-based but directed toward a market segment that at times is neglected-SMBs.

Two-Way Messaging and SMS Added by Bright Pattern

Near the end of last year, the Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan American think tank that provides information on social issues, public opinion and demographic trends shaping the U.S. and the world, reported that on average, Americans check their cell phones about 150 times per day to see if they have received any text messages.

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