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Master Agent Expands Call Center Solutions Portfolio

A call center solution serves as the proverbial straw the stirs the drink, by ensuring communications are seamless, contextual and most importantly provide the customer with speedy resolution. These can play a major role in customer retention and a healthy bottom line. A known industry entity, TCN announced a partnership with carrier neutral master agent, MPG Management Associates, Corp. yesterday that will expand MPG's portfolio of offerings.

VoltDelta Names Ben Miller Senior Vice President

When it comes to the world of call centers, there are a number of different ways companies are finding to make sure they are serving their customers well. Call center software is a key ingredient to providing exceptional customer service.

3CLogic, HelpSocial Combine on New Breed of Social in Contact Centers

Omnichannel is a word thrown around a lot these days, but the repetition really doesn't distract from the sheer importance of the idea, and the kind of value that it represents. Those looking to take the advice of so many out there and become more available to customers across different segments of possible contact-what "omnichannel" is really about-will find a new ally in 3CLogic and HelpSocial, who partnered on a new breed of social customer service contact center operation.

Eastern Bank's Voice Recognition Software Put to Work in the Call Center

It wasn't so long ago that we got a look at how voice recognition biometrics was poised to explode on the scene in a very big way, with a Tractica report suggesting that so-called speaker recognition tools would see the total license count spiral upward from 49 million in 2015 to 565.8 million by just 2024. Recently, we got a look at one specific such use case, as Eastern Bank was set to put in voice identification systems at the bank's call center operations.

Infinite Media Helps Companies Make Sure Employees Are Ready for the Job

Trial by fire tends to be the way most people learn how to do their jobs. That, of course, is not usually the ideal way for individuals to segue into new roles.

VoltDelta and Oracle Partner on WebRTC Enabled Cloud Call Center Solution

One new frontier that appears to be gaining popularity when it comes to the call center market is the cloud. Private companies and government agencies are noticing just how much easier and more agile working through the cloud can be. This was underlined by the announcement earlier this week from VoltDelta and Oracle. The announcement heralds a partnership that will launch a new, integrated multichannel cloud contact center solution that uses the Oracle Communications WebRTC session controller.

Upgrades Released for Upstream Works for Finesse

Upstream Works has long been among the top companies in the world when it comes to omnichannel insight and automation for call centers, which are looking to get a leg up in the customer service world. Earlier this week, the firm took the next step by announcing the addition of the AnyTask Routing solution to its already award winning Upstream Works for Finesse smart agent desktop. By adding this solution to the platform, the system is more easily able to shift any third-party task to the next available agent while also giving full tracking and reporting options.

Aircall Taking Support Team Software to New Heights

One of the newest startups to make a scene in the telecommunications industry is Aircall. It is based in France and relies on the use of desktop and Chrome apps that use WebRTC to act as virtual phones.

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