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ACD Integration with CRM Leads to Improved Customer Insight and Efficiency

The call center is often tasked with being an all-knowing, all-seeing organization. Customers expect that when they call or otherwise contact a company, the person they reach will understand their history with the company, and even their preferences. More often than not, however, this doesn't happen. Agents aren't provided with all the information they need, and even if they are, it's not provided in an easily understandable way.

Broadvoice Adds New Functionality to Hosted PBX Solution

Broadvoice, a provider of hosted voice and data solutions, has announced the addition of several new features to its Cloud PBX hosted phone service for businesses and call centers. Most notable are the new Monitor, Whisper and Barge functions.

AGT Rolls Out Alliance Service Suite

In the world of call center solutions, there is always a desire to get a little bit better, especially when it comes to the services that are offered to the customer. This is the driving force behind the announcement by Applied Global Technologies (AGT) that it is introducing the Alliance Service Suite. This suite is a collection of A/V solutions that work for managed services working in collaborative environments.

NetFortris Unifies and Enhances Its Call Center Solution

The second part of NetFortris' announcement was the release of an intelligent multi-media queuing feature and improved skills-based routing capabilities. Just about every business and call center today is seeking to unify communications, which is why NetFortris' solution will now combine voice, video (via WebRTC), instant messaging, email, SMS and social media into a universal queue.

Keep Inbound Calls Under Control with a Few Simple Call Routing Tactics

While November brings with it one of the biggest opportunities around to make sales and boost businesses to profitability-the holiday shopping season-it also brings with it some distinct challenges. Particularly the levels of incoming calls seen to a business' call center. With that influx of incoming calls requires certain changes to best accommodate said influx, but what's the best way to do that? Thankfully, there are several ways to manage that influx thanks to some specific tactics in the call routing field, which Contact Centres recently examined in greater detail.

Cloud Contact Center Model Helping VoltDelta Grow

There is little that impacts long-term success as much as quality - even cost eventually gives way to better products and service levels, and can allow lesser known brands to build market share. That extends beyond end-product quality to service and customer care, as well, especially in today's age of unrivalled choice. In both respects, dedication to quality is the key reasons Steve Chirokas, vice president of marketing, believes VoltDelta is differentiating itself and growing its business, having developed a premium contact center product that allows its customers to provide high levels of customer care.

Bilingual Call Center Demands Lead to Work-at-Home Opportunities for Spanish Speakers

The United States is becoming more bilingual as each day passes. While the majority of people speak English in the country - and this doesn't seem to be changing any time soon - there are many who feel more comfortable addressing their issues in Spanish. To a growing number of people living in the continental U.S., Spanish is their native tongue. This also applies to their children, as it is also the language of choice for the household in many cases. But don't take my word for it. Pew Research Center says that over 37.6 million people speak Spanish in their homes. That's roughly one-tenth of the country.

Next Generation Tech Can Boost Your Call Center Solutions

Technology is an integral part of call centers as it gives these companies the much-needed support to handle large call volumes. There are many innovative call center software available today that can make call center operations more effective and efficient.

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