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VoltDelta's Call Center Solutions Honored by CIO Review

The face of customer service is changing, as new and innovative solutions enter the scene, bringing with them ways to make the user experience not only more efficient and effective, but also more personalized and engaging. By offering customers the tools they prefer, such as a wide range of communication options, contacting a call center becomes a more satisfying exchange for both the customer and agent. Call center solutions are evolving every day to accommodate user demands, and VoltDelta is at the head of that curve.

Interest Grows for Call Centers in the Caribbean, Central America

Vacationers flock to the Caribbean and Central America for their snowy white beaches, clean blue waters, and amazing scuba experiences. But it turns out locales within these regions are pretty attractive when it comes to call center solutions and outsourcing as well.

VXI Acquires Symbio for Enhanced End-to-End Customer Service

Customer services today are not just for answering questions and resolving issues-these services allow companies to gather valuable information regarding consumer demand that can be used to create new products and services. Now, with the myriad channels by which customers can communicate with businesses, these dialogs are happening at an increasingly rapid rate, and consumer interests are changing just as fast.

Five Factors for Better Call Center Planning

Now that it is 2015, it is time to plan the year ahead. This is true for individuals, and no less true for contact center management.

VoltDelta's Oracle Service Cloud Integration a Boon for Multichannel Call Centers

The multichannel movement has prompted many companies to incorporate new kinds of call center solutions that go way beyond the standard phone service or help line. These modern features include video calls, video and audio conferencing, mobile and live chat, text messaging, email, VoIP and even screen sharing. All of these solutions enhance the customer experience, giving customers a richer array of communication options-from which they may choose the channel most preferable and convenient to them.

HG Data, EverString Partner for Improved Customer Service Tools

When it comes right down to it, an effective call center is one that not only resolves issues quickly, but one that truly understands its customers as well. Achieving this level of understanding can seem daunting, but with the right call center solutions, better customer service is just a few software investments away.

Social Media Can Round Out Call Center Communications

When customers reach out to a call center today, they expect to be able to use more than just the telephone. The general public's communications preferences are varied and increasingly rely on mobile connectivity and the Internet. In turn, offices everywhere are taking notice by upgrading to multi- or omni-channel call center solutions that also include mobile VoIP, live chat, email, text messaging, and even video calls and co-browsing.

Further Considerations in Call Center Solutions for PCI Standards

Many companies are confused today about how they should be handling customer data today. It's no wonder they're concerned: the number of data breaches is on the rise, and scary high-profile hacks are becoming the norm in the news. This kills customer confidence and can even change their buying habits. While most companies know there's something they need to be doing right now, many aren't sure what. Even standards such as PCI compliance can be confusing.

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