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What to Consider When Outsourcing Your Call Center

As with most new business initiatives, the first step is understanding your needs before undertaking the project. Key questions to ask are whether the call center will need to run 24 hours or only part of the day, and what communication channels must be supported. It also is important to have a ballpark understanding of the volume of calls that is expected.

Call Center Solution Now Integrated with Zendesk

Bright Pattern, a developer of call center solutions, recently announced that it has partnered with Zendesk to extend its options for customer support.

Why Gamification Needs to Be in the Call Center

You've probably heard about gamification; it is one of those buzz words like unified communications that swirls around in top trend stories and among those looking for the latest edge.

Cogito Releases New Call Center Voice Analysis Software

When it comes to the call center industry, there has been a move over the last few years to improve customer service in order to generate better revenues. The problem is that while companies understand they need to offer top notch customer service, just how to do that can be a big of a quandary. The ability to offer better customer service is made more difficult when you take into account that managers are not always going to have the time to monitor every single call and every single operator.

iQor Opens New Call Center

Following years of outsourcing their contact center operations overseas, U.S. businesses have returned to home soil with a vengeance. The U.S. contact center market remains in full swing as yet another major location opens in the states.

Salesforce Offers Integrated Customer Service, Sales Tools for Small Businesses

Salesforce has integrated its and SalesforceIQ solutions so that the customer service and sales representatives at the small businesses that use these tools can access and share relevant customer data. This integration is available for free starting today for customers using Pro and Business Plus Editions and SalesforceIQ Growth and Business Plans.

WageWorks & Mattersight Push to Better Customer Service

Customer service is a huge part of the overall customer experience, and a better customer experience means a better chance of return business and improved loyalty. Getting better customer service is high on the list of priorities for many firms, and a new development between WageWorks and Mattersight Corporation will help drive better customer service for at least one firm.

Verint Customer Engagement Optimization Finds Role in Japanese Shopping Channel

Television-based shopping is not limited to America, as revealed by recent news that Verint Systems' Verint Customer Engagement Optimization system is currently producing some impressive value in a Japanese television shopping channel.

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