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Call Center Jobs Moving Back to US in Big Numbers

While call center jobs are notorious for being ones that are shipped overseas more than any other, the fact of the matter is that most call center jobs are being brought back to the United States. There have been years, if not decades of companies sending jobs overseas to places like Philippines, Mexico and several other countries. Now that customer service is replacing the need for companies to get through as many callers as they possibly can, those jobs are all coming back to the United States.

New South Wales to Update Call Center Solutions

An Australian information and communications technology business recently signed a contract with the government of New South Wales to allow its customer service representatives to better respond to citizens with improved response times.

Esna iLink Now for Avaya Scopia Desktop Too

Esna Technologies, a company specializing in embedded collaboration and call center solutions, this week announced the general availability of its Esna iLink for Avaya Scopia Desktop solution, a browser extension that makes it easy to schedule and start Scopia meetings right from Google Apps and Salesforce.

New Contact Center Solutions Released for the Real Estate Sector in India

In the last few years, the Indian real estate sector has seen huge growth and is expected to further expand in the coming years. Demand for commercial and residential property is being driven largely by urbanization and increasing household incomes.

Wisconsin Tweaks Do Not Call Program

The call center solutions business is one that is constantly changing, with companies hiring and letting go agents on a routine basis to reflect those changes. Sometimes the changes in the market affect the people who are being called almost as much as the call centers. This is certainly the case in Wisconsin starting today.

Access Bank Inaugurates New Contact Center in Ghana

In today's rapidly changing business world, call centers depend on the latest and most reliable solutions to build a strong reputation within the industry. Also, many businesses rely on call centers to persistently improve the quality of service offered to customers, and to enhance their own productivity.

Poll Finds Call Centers Willing to Adopt Skype for Some Uses

A poll conducted by Call Centre Helper in the U.K. has found that contact centers might be willing to use the popular VoIP service Skype for some customer service tasks.

Benefits of a Flexible Workspace

Call center workspaces have undergone a big transformation over the last few years. Gone are the days when employees worked from 9 to 5 out of their identical cubicles and linear-design office spaces. Today, it is all about giving agents a flexible workspace that meets their needs, preferences and expectations. Such a transition has given rise to telecommute, BYOD and other trends.

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