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Anthony Marlowe Repurchases TMone, Relaunches as Mass Markets

NASCAR investor Anthony Marlowe has announced that he has repurchased TMone and renamed it Mass Markets. The renaming is part of its retargeting toward cloud computing and Marlowe is ambitious about the company's prospects.

VoltDelta Recertified as PCI Level 1 DSS 3.1 Service Provider

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council created the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) as an information security standard to ensure the protection of credit card information. Organizations that hold, process, or exchange the information of the credit card holder need to have PCI certification. For companies that have been classified as Level I, which is the largest type, the validation must be performed by a PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) for an independent assessment.

IntelePeer Finalizes Advantone Acquisition

IntelePeer Holdings has announced that it has completed its acquisition of call center solutions provider Advantone.

Virtual Hold Technology Releases Navigator Outcome Management Software

Virtual Hold Technology (VHT) is working to improve multichannel customer service experiences with its release of VHT Navigator. This customer outcome management software works to capture as much relevant data as possible between brands and customers in order to provide brands with information about when and how they can best reach their most valuable assets.

SNTTA Adopts Altitude Software Contact Center

The Sharjah National Travel Tourist Agency (SNTTA) operates as a travel agency in several cities throughout the United Arab Emirates. It recently announced that it has adopted the Altitude Software contact center software to power its growing operations in the country.

Citrix Introduces Concierge and Seeit for Real Time Customer Service on Mobile

Smart mobile devices can now be used to deliver new levels of customer service. Virtually any industry can start providing personalized services geared to address specific problems as it relates to a product using this technology. With that in mind, Citrix has introduced two new interactive mobile support solutions that give businesses the opportunity to provide real-time customer service.

SAP Preps Customer Profile Engine and Personalization Suite

SAP SE has announced a roadmap for enhanced customer relationship management software. The goal is to give businesses a single, contextual view of their customers, while giving each customer a consistent, personalized experience across all channels.

The 2016 e-Commerce Contact Center: Engagement is Job One

Remember when Ford was all about quality being "job one"? Some new word has recently emerged about the future of the contact center, and for 2016, the new job one is engagement. Several new trends have emerged that suggest the future of the contact center next year, and a lot of those trends are focused on making contact with the customer and getting the most out of that contact, particularly for e-commerce users.

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