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Google Cloud Powers Avaya SaaS Solution

Users receive the Customer Engagement OnAvaya software with its subscription based license, and if quick implementation is a priority, an agent can be up and running with a chrome device and a headset.

Promero Partners for Comprehensive Call Center Solution

The call center is fraught with the peril involved in de-escalating an upset customer, finding resolution for a query or even walking a customer through a difficult installation or upgrade for a software solution-not to mention many, many more. Fear not, this is where customer relationship management software swoops in to save the day and this week we've had a big announcement from Promero.

Enghouse Interactive Updates CCE Supports Omni-Channel Environments

Enghouse Interactive has released a significant update (PRC 3, version 9) to its Contact Center: Enterprise solution (CCE). The new version of the solution has a higher performing predictive dialer and supports omni-channel communication.

Call Centers Turning to Gamification Get More Options

It's long been said that work is no game, but with the concept of gamification, it's rapidly starting to look a lot more like a game, complete with winners and losers. Gamification allows a variety of different things-everything from watching television to taking Facebook quizzes-to become more like games, and the call center is absolutely no exception here. In fact, some suggest that the call center could be one of the biggest new sources of gamification around, and some new moves from Arizona companies are making that clear.

Capitalizing on the Chemistry of Conversation: Using Science to Create Call Center Magic

The goal of any call center agent is to resolve a customer's issue as quickly and painlessly as possible. The vast majority of people calling into a call center want exactly the same thing. It reads like the recipe for an effortless interaction.

Sky Italia to Use Vlocity Communications CRM

The latest announcement from Vlocity, a software development company which integrates its products with Salesforce1, reveals that it will be working with Italian pay TV provider Sky Italia to help improve its customers' experiences across multiple channels and devices.

Legacy Integration with New Systems Makes for Obstacles in the Call Center

Technology is a fast moving train. The good thing about the speed is businesses can take advantage of the latest and greatest features for what they do. The major downside is that businesses invest in certain applications and solutions, only to realize soon after it's considered "legacy." In the contact center, this is a common problem; taking older applications, integrating them with new systems, and trying to get it all done in one, seamless fell swoop. This creates some obstacles, but these aren't hurdles that are difficult to overcome.

Twilio Launches TaskRouter Intelligent Routing API

Twilio, a cloud communications company providing application programming interfaces (APIs) for the development of cutting edge text messaging, Voice over IP (VoIP) and voice applications, recently announced the launch of TaskRouter, an intelligent task routing API.

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