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Rising Customers Expectations of a Great Experience Increasingly Out of Reach to Companies Lacking Resources

Companies may not specifically set New Year's resolutions for themselves, but those with a vested interest in helping the company succeed certain do, even if it's only mentally. For a significant portion of companies today, the driving goal for this year (and most years) is to improve the customer experience. There are simply too many studies that demonstrate that customers will quickly abandon any organization that doesn't meet their expectations. If a company is going to succeed, excellence in the customer experience is critical.

When Marketing Makes Omnichannel Promises the Call Center Can't Keep

It has become clear to most companies today, whether they operate in the business-to-business or business-to-consumer environments, that modern, cross-channel customer support is what customers value most. Thanks to the number of people buying online, companies no longer have their physical stores or offices to differentiate themselves, so they're taking an omnichannel approach to marketing by luring customers in with the promise of sexy, personalized and thoroughly twenty-first century customer support. Omnichannel marketing may be effective at luring customers in, but once they get a gander at most companies' actual customer support - slow, decidedly un-sexy and thoroughly twentieth century - it won't keep them.

Utility Customers Actually Want DIY; What You Need to Know to Get Ready

The call center has long been the key touch point for those customers who are unhappy with a service, have a problem with a product or simply have a question and can't find the answer on their own. In recent years, however, call center solutions have focused less on putting the right people in the right place and more on enabling the right self-service options for those who want to do it themselves.

Siloed Approach to Customer Service Can Spell Disaster

Providing customer service in a silo could spell disaster for any organization. While most companies have taken steps to offer multi-channel customer engagement and interaction options, these disparate forms of communication are not always integrated, which can lead to frustration for customers and businesses alike.

Simpler Customer Service Calls? Service is the App for That.

"There's an app for that" will likely go down in history as one of the most overused phrases around, yet also one of the most eerily apt. For a while, it was being applied to virtually everything from phone calls to travel reservations and beyond. Now, it's getting a new application as a means to make customer service calls go more smoothly thanks to a new app called Service.

ShoreTel to Acquire Corvisa, Adds Call Center Solution to Suite

This week, ShoreTel announced it will be purchasing Corvisa, a cloud-based communications solution provider, for $8.5 million in cash from Novation Companies. The acquisition is expected to close early 2016, and will beef up ShoreTel's offerings in several key areas.

Promero Launches CTI Connector in Oracle Service Cloud

The Oracle Service Cloud acts as one of the biggest public clouds in the world. It provides Oracle customers with instant access to any applications available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. The latest third party vendor to have its name imprinted in that marketplace is Promero, and the Promero Cloud Call Center CTI Connector will now be able to provide all those customers with calling options such as interaction management and call recording as standard fare.

NewNet Taps Dialogic for VoltDelta Voice Application Virtualization

In the final month of 2015, it seems NewNet Communication Technologies is working hard to be up-to-date as possible going into the New Year. Last week, for example, the provider of next generation mobile technology solutions partnered with CALLUP and Neusoft to address VoWiFi and enhanced chat demand. Now NewNet is following that up by selecting Dialogic's PowerMedia XMS media processing solution to support the virtualization of certain VoltDelta-hosted call center voice applications.

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