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Transera, NICE Systems, Partner for Real-Time Customer Analysis for Call Centers

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Transera (News - Alert) Communications has formed a partnership with NICE Systems, which sells products to help analyze business transactions. The intent of the partnership, according to Transera officials, is to “allow for the integration of Transera's Scorecard Routing with NICE's Real-time Process Optimization and cross-channel Interaction Analytics.”

Prem Uppaluru (News - Alert), CEO of Transera, said “contact centers need real-time insight to have the maximum impact. We will be able to infuse contact centers with even more relevant insights that help drive revenue from their customer interactions."

The deal specifies that Transera will resell NICE contact centers as SaaS (News - Alert) offerings.

In other words, they want to produce something to let contact centers identify customers by their intent and value, and then connect them to agents with matching skills, using real-time customer classification and agent performance information.  

The overall strategy, then, is to combine NICE's Real-time Process Optimization and Interaction Analytics with Transera's Scorecard Routing, with the result that a customer's profile will be evaluated with information taken from public and private databases and previous interactions, upon which a “suitable” agent will be chosen for that customer.

Last week TMC’s (News - Alert) Mini Swamy reported that Transera “decided to make available its Scorecard routing software, which addresses the issue of misalignment of customer needs and an agent's ability to meet those needs.”

The company states that the software is the only one in the market that considers customer value and real-time agent performance in call routing decisions, Swamy wrote: “With Scorecard Routing, valued customer calls are matched with the call-center's best-performing agents, which has a tremendous impact especially on sales call centers as it increases the revenue-enhancing potential, according to officials.”

Drew Kraus, Research Vice President, Gartner (News - Alert), noted that scoring agents across company-defined key performance indicators is a way for companies to “match their top-performing agents in real time with their customers with the greatest expected value or need.” Top customers, or people with the potential to be top customers, understandably get top service.

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