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Call Center Solutions Help to Bolster U.S. Industry

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The health of the economy is often measured in the number of individuals lacking jobs. In the U.S., the recession that rocked so many portfolios, families and individuals reportedly ended more than two and a half years ago. The problem is that too many individuals are still out of work. Fortunately, those companies leveraging call center solutions are offering a light at the end of the tunnel.

This Colorado 9 News piece took a closer look at the phenomenon as thousands of Americans are finding work in unlikely places, thanks to the adoption of call center solutions. The companies providing the employment are expected to add a significant number of jobs in 2012 to bolster local economies and put Americans back to work.

Take the activity happening in Dallas, Texas where a bustling Aegis call center is using call center solutions to handle 100,000 calls a day. The Indian company says that 90 percent of its workers are Americans, a twist on the standard approach to the call center industry where American companies tend to outsource their call centers to India.

Aegis has expanded its operations in the last few years, leveraging key call center solutions. In the U.S. especially, the company’s reach has expanded five-fold. Aegis now operates nine call centers and employs more than 5,000 workers. The newest Aegis trainees are in Dallas.

This trend toward bringing U.S. jobs back home in the call center space is important after the industry suffered for more than a decade of overseas outsourcing putting hardworking individuals out of work. It has helped that the high unemployment in the U.S. has kept wages down, while labor costs in India and other destinations have steadily risen.

At the same time, American companies are considering call center solutions that enable moving their operations back to the U.S. in response to push back from customers tired of dealing with overseas agents who can’t understand their needs or talk with such a heavy accent that communication is difficult.

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