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VoltDelta Extends Call Center Solutions to Assure Compatibility

  By , Call Center Solutions Contributing Editor

In the call center space, providers must be on the forefront in technology options to effectively handle customer needs through multiple communication channels. When technology is lacking, the call center may not be able to support what it has promised to its clients.

VoltDelta (News - Alert), a tech company that specializes in call center solutions, kept running into a similar problem with potential clients: they often did not have adequate equipment to handle what they had to offer. More exactly, they didn’t have the infrastructure that could support the type of call center and converged network environment VoltDelta had to offer.

Despite being eager to adopt VoltDelta’s call center solutions, it seemed that each potential client would need a custom installation. According to this Dialogic (News - Alert) case study, however, VoltDelta was able work around this problem by creating platforms that focused on a flexible service infrastructure that would be both cost-effective and quick to implement.

After researching and developing the service infrastructure, VoltDelta rolled out its combined contact center and switching platform in the U.S. and Canada. The new service is called OASIS in EMEA and ConnectExpress in North America.

Relying on Dialogic equipment for nearly 10 years, the service is available on both Dialogic MSP 1010 Multi-Service Platform, and Dialogic CSP (News - Alert) 2090 Converged Services Platform. The selected Dialogic system depends on the need of the client. Both options have the redundancy features to ensure extreme reliability.

Call center solutions using OASIS are fitted with a complete automatic call distributor, a speech server, and a variety of applications that allow scalability when appropriate, and efficient contact center services.

Depending on the client’s needs, the MSP 1010 and CSP 2090 can be rolled out in a couple of ways – either as a switching and signaling platform, or, if the services are SIP-based, they can be deployed as a media server.

VoltDelta has found that offering up these two call center solutions has helped broaden who they can offer their services to, including clients using a variety of signaling protocols, from SIP to ISDN to SS7. Various new call termination services are supported with the MSP and CSP platforms, which also help contact centers achieve their goals.

After its deployment in North America, VoltDelta launched its platform in Europe and the Caribbean with much success. This success comes easier due to the flexibility in automatic call distributor and switching needed to achieve a rapid roll out to begin turning profits. The new platforms have not only introduced VoltDelta to clients they weren’t compatible with in the past, but to new markets beyond the usual directory assistance core.

VoltDelta is now providing services to virtual contact centers and traditional, large call centers. And because of its new platforms, the services they provide can reach a wide expanse of customer needs, deployable anywhere in the world.

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