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Report Underscores the Importance of Accurate CNAM Caller ID for Outbound Call Centers

  By , Group Managing Editor, Call Center Solutions

A recent customer survey performed by caller ID management company reveals the importance of having accurate CNAM Caller ID for outbound call centers.

Apparently it is relatively common for outbound call centers to be unaware of which caller ID is being displayed when they carry out their campaigns and customer support calls. Or they forget to update the outbound caller ID, so it displays the wrong one. Or worse yet it displays no number at all.

This lowers connection rates, as call recipients -- with their own caller ID -- are less likely to pick up a call from an unfamiliar name and number.

Accurate caller ID is also important for inbound call centers that offer "virtual hold" services. This is where the customer's place is held in the hold queue, after they hang up, until the next agent becomes available, whereupon the agent calls the customer back. If the agent calls the customer back but the customer doesn't recognize the number as coming from the company he or she just called, they are less likely to pick up the call. As a result, they will have to dial back into the center -- causing customer frustration and hurting customer loyalty.

To increase connection rates, outbound call centers must be vigilant about managing their caller ID name, the report shows.

In a release, Mark Breeze of Dipfees said "one of our customers reported a very significant decrease in the average time spent on each support ticket," as a result of implementing DipFees' caller ID management solution.

"By using our online portal to manage their caller ID name, they have been able to get more of their outbound support calls answered," he said. "Before, when customers couldn't tell who was calling, many wouldn't answer. And so these customers have to call the support center back, go through an inbound queue, an agent needs to look up their record again, etc. That is why the impact of getting more of your outbound calls answered is that large." has also launched a new initiative geared towards political campaigns and charity fundraisers intended to get parties that legitimately use robo calls for their campaigns.

"There are over 120,000 people registered at, most of which probably have been interrupted by unexpected or unwanted robo calls," Breeze said. "We urge political organizations to also use our CNAM caller ID management portal, or any other for that matter. The ones that have started using it are very satisfied with the results and they do seem to get way less complaints."

For call centers that operate in jurisdictions where robocalling is legal, DipFees recently launched a new promotional offer wherein it will pay companies a fee to use its new service,

"Because they are initially hesitant and do not believe this can actually help their campaigns while being less of a nuisance to the public, we try to get them on board with a monetary benefit," Breeze said.

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