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Legacy Integration with New Systems Makes for Obstacles in the Call Center

Technology is a fast moving train. The good thing about the speed is businesses can take advantage of the latest and greatest features for what they do. The major downside is that businesses invest in certain applications and solutions, only to realize soon after it's considered "legacy." In the contact center, this is a common problem; taking older applications, integrating them with new systems, and trying to get it all done in one, seamless fell swoop. This creates some obstacles, but these aren't hurdles that are difficult to overcome.

Twilio Launches TaskRouter Intelligent Routing API

Twilio, a cloud communications company providing application programming interfaces (APIs) for the development of cutting edge text messaging, Voice over IP (VoIP) and voice applications, recently announced the launch of TaskRouter, an intelligent task routing API.

Mobilethink to Supply Device Guides to Digicel

Spirent Communications offers network test and measurement services for enterprises' and service providers' data centers, cloud and virtualized environments, and landline and wireless networks. It recently announced that Mobilethink, its mobile device intelligence business unit, will begin offering the Device Guides service to Digicel, a communications an entertainment provider, for customers in the Caribbean, Central America, and Asia Pacific.

Session Border Controllers for Call Center Development, Performance

Those who work in call center management know that the customer experience is the most important issue to focus on, that all others pale in comparison. Great products can suffer from poor customer service and mediocre ones can be very successful if supported properly. While the focus on improving customer support in the past few years has been on the acquisition of better hardware to manage the call center, one standard piece of equipment is being frequently reconfigured in cutting edge centers to serve much more than its original purpose.

Fidelity Looks to Refresh its Digital Customer Approach with eMoney Buy

As businesses look for new and innovative ways to provide a more personable customer experience that takes into account the modern digital lifestyle, business-to-consumer e-portals with innovative functions like co-browsing and screen-sharing have come to the fore for customer service. Looking to capitalize on the trend, Fidelity Investments is looking to refresh its online approach with the acquisition of eMoney Advisor.

SJS Solutions Announces New Visual Communications Platform

SJS Solutions, a company specializing in visual communications solutions, recently announced the upcoming launch of a new call center solutions platform based on its acclaimed Optymyse 4.2 product.

Manipulating Data Across Channels for True 'Omnichannel' Customer Support

There is a lot of discussion today about whether contact centers are ready to go "omnichannel." This term goes beyond the traditional "multichannel" and describes a contact center that's ready to handle customer inquiries that may be spread over several different channels (for example, a customer starts with a chat session than picks up the phone to continue the transaction).

Will 2015 be the Year of Customer Self Service?

As communication technology evolves, so too does the call center and the solutions created for it. The past few years have seen incredible growth in mobile, IP-based and unified communication technologies that are making it easier than ever before to create instant connections between businesses and customers. But with so much change, it can be a challenge to stay ahead of the curve and predict not just the trends on the horizon, but the potential problems as well.

Five Small Call Center Adjustments That Make a Huge Difference

Little improvements often are what separate the average call center from the amazing call center. True innovations are few within the call center, and those that do emerge from technology or new business practices are quickly copied. So what separates the average from the awesome are the little things.

VoltDelta's Call Center Solutions Honored by CIO Review

The face of customer service is changing, as new and innovative solutions enter the scene, bringing with them ways to make the user experience not only more efficient and effective, but also more personalized and engaging. By offering customers the tools they prefer, such as a wide range of communication options, contacting a call center becomes a more satisfying exchange for both the customer and agent. Call center solutions are evolving every day to accommodate user demands, and VoltDelta is at the head of that curve.

Interest Grows for Call Centers in the Caribbean, Central America

Vacationers flock to the Caribbean and Central America for their snowy white beaches, clean blue waters, and amazing scuba experiences. But it turns out locales within these regions are pretty attractive when it comes to call center solutions and outsourcing as well.

VXI Acquires Symbio for Enhanced End-to-End Customer Service

Customer services today are not just for answering questions and resolving issues-these services allow companies to gather valuable information regarding consumer demand that can be used to create new products and services. Now, with the myriad channels by which customers can communicate with businesses, these dialogs are happening at an increasingly rapid rate, and consumer interests are changing just as fast.

Five Factors for Better Call Center Planning

Now that it is 2015, it is time to plan the year ahead. This is true for individuals, and no less true for contact center management.

VoltDelta's Oracle Service Cloud Integration a Boon for Multichannel Call Centers

The multichannel movement has prompted many companies to incorporate new kinds of call center solutions that go way beyond the standard phone service or help line. These modern features include video calls, video and audio conferencing, mobile and live chat, text messaging, email, VoIP and even screen sharing. All of these solutions enhance the customer experience, giving customers a richer array of communication options-from which they may choose the channel most preferable and convenient to them.

HG Data, EverString Partner for Improved Customer Service Tools

When it comes right down to it, an effective call center is one that not only resolves issues quickly, but one that truly understands its customers as well. Achieving this level of understanding can seem daunting, but with the right call center solutions, better customer service is just a few software investments away.

Social Media Can Round Out Call Center Communications

When customers reach out to a call center today, they expect to be able to use more than just the telephone. The general public's communications preferences are varied and increasingly rely on mobile connectivity and the Internet. In turn, offices everywhere are taking notice by upgrading to multi- or omni-channel call center solutions that also include mobile VoIP, live chat, email, text messaging, and even video calls and co-browsing.

Further Considerations in Call Center Solutions for PCI Standards

Many companies are confused today about how they should be handling customer data today. It's no wonder they're concerned: the number of data breaches is on the rise, and scary high-profile hacks are becoming the norm in the news. This kills customer confidence and can even change their buying habits. While most companies know there's something they need to be doing right now, many aren't sure what. Even standards such as PCI compliance can be confusing.

Evaluating the Levels of PCI Security in Cloud Call Center Solutions

Cybersecurity is on everyone's minds these days, but more than anyone, it's customers who have the biggest concerns. With data breaches seeming to happen each week, it's not a surprise that customers are worried about who they give their financial information to. Too much worry, and customers may start to avoid doing business online or through call centers altogether.

Vocalcom and Zendesk Give PIXmania a New Lease on Customer Service Life

By itself, PIXmania has been on something of a tear of late, working its way toward becoming a major name in lean providers. Its ultimate goal, at last report, was to fundamentally change the service experience for those businesses with facets directly facing the customer, and without respect toward the particular channel that customer was using. That's no small task, and so it shouldn't surprise that such a task could need a bit of help to be done fully.

Netop Releases Latest Version of Live Guide Chat Software

Netop recently announced that it had updated its Live Guide online chat software. The Web-based solution makes it easier for companies to offer support to online customers and arrives just in time for the holiday season, when support calls will likely reach their highest volume of the year.

NetNet Enters the Call Center Solutions Market with VoltDelta Acquisition

In an effort to stand out from competitors, network services providers continue to look for opportunities to serve a wider array of businesses. NewNet Communication Technologies, a Skyview Capital company, clearly believes that reaching into the call center space is a good way forward. The company recently announced its acquisition of New York-based cloud contact center solutions provider VoltDelta. It's NewNet's first foray into the contact center market.

3 Call Center Solutions You Shouldn't Do Without

Technology is a powerful tool when you want to deliver quality customer care, as long as the technology you choose enables you and your employees to better meet your standards of care. There are certain features that can help you create ideals interactions, while others may just complicate the mix. The key is to understand the customer experience through each step and the tools your employees need within your call center solutions to ensure exceptional care.

Q-Suite Receives Major Update to Dialplan Call Center Solution

Indosoft, developer of Q-Suite, a multi-tenant call center software for Asterisk, announced that it has modified Q-Suite's Visual Dialplan Builder to add and enhance features when used with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.

Bright Pattern's ServicePattern Cloud Contact Center Puts Sales, Customer Service in Video

With the official start to the Christmas shopping season just a few days away, it's not hard to look at the overall market and see that, perhaps now more than ever, customer service and sales efforts are a hugely important part of any business. Bright Pattern is out to help make it a little easier for customers to get in contact with businesses, and get the best of sales and customer service, with some new additions to its ServicePattern cloud contact center platform.

ACD Integration with CRM Leads to Improved Customer Insight and Efficiency

The call center is often tasked with being an all-knowing, all-seeing organization. Customers expect that when they call or otherwise contact a company, the person they reach will understand their history with the company, and even their preferences. More often than not, however, this doesn't happen. Agents aren't provided with all the information they need, and even if they are, it's not provided in an easily understandable way.

Broadvoice Adds New Functionality to Hosted PBX Solution

Broadvoice, a provider of hosted voice and data solutions, has announced the addition of several new features to its Cloud PBX hosted phone service for businesses and call centers. Most notable are the new Monitor, Whisper and Barge functions.

AGT Rolls Out Alliance Service Suite

In the world of call center solutions, there is always a desire to get a little bit better, especially when it comes to the services that are offered to the customer. This is the driving force behind the announcement by Applied Global Technologies (AGT) that it is introducing the Alliance Service Suite. This suite is a collection of A/V solutions that work for managed services working in collaborative environments.

NetFortris Unifies and Enhances Its Call Center Solution

The second part of NetFortris' announcement was the release of an intelligent multi-media queuing feature and improved skills-based routing capabilities. Just about every business and call center today is seeking to unify communications, which is why NetFortris' solution will now combine voice, video (via WebRTC), instant messaging, email, SMS and social media into a universal queue.

Keep Inbound Calls Under Control with a Few Simple Call Routing Tactics

While November brings with it one of the biggest opportunities around to make sales and boost businesses to profitability-the holiday shopping season-it also brings with it some distinct challenges. Particularly the levels of incoming calls seen to a business' call center. With that influx of incoming calls requires certain changes to best accommodate said influx, but what's the best way to do that? Thankfully, there are several ways to manage that influx thanks to some specific tactics in the call routing field, which Contact Centres recently examined in greater detail.

Cloud Contact Center Model Helping VoltDelta Grow

There is little that impacts long-term success as much as quality - even cost eventually gives way to better products and service levels, and can allow lesser known brands to build market share. That extends beyond end-product quality to service and customer care, as well, especially in today's age of unrivalled choice. In both respects, dedication to quality is the key reasons Steve Chirokas, vice president of marketing, believes VoltDelta is differentiating itself and growing its business, having developed a premium contact center product that allows its customers to provide high levels of customer care.

Bilingual Call Center Demands Lead to Work-at-Home Opportunities for Spanish Speakers

The United States is becoming more bilingual as each day passes. While the majority of people speak English in the country - and this doesn't seem to be changing any time soon - there are many who feel more comfortable addressing their issues in Spanish. To a growing number of people living in the continental U.S., Spanish is their native tongue. This also applies to their children, as it is also the language of choice for the household in many cases. But don't take my word for it. Pew Research Center says that over 37.6 million people speak Spanish in their homes. That's roughly one-tenth of the country.

Next Generation Tech Can Boost Your Call Center Solutions

Technology is an integral part of call centers as it gives these companies the much-needed support to handle large call volumes. There are many innovative call center software available today that can make call center operations more effective and efficient.

How IVR Helped One Website Dramatically Boost Performance has pulled ranks in terms of selling co-branded corporate gift cards and other merchant cards, so much so that as the company grew, it needed to reevaluate its contact center processes to keep pace with customer inquiries. Looking to expand upon its performance, the company turned to VoltDelta's cloud-based call center solution to help streamline its call queue, including replacing its legacy system and revamping its IVR solution.

Can Call Center Solutions Help Mitigate Agent Idle Time?

Having agents sitting idle isn't really good for the bottom line, but if you're not sure when the next spike in calls is going to occur, it may be your habit to just leave them on the clock. Even if you have great forecasting and scheduling call center solutions, agents could still be putting in too much idle time.

VoltDelta Security Staff Receives Accreditation from ISACA and ISC2

VoltDelta provides a cloud-based contact center infrastructure for businesses that seek to upgrade their on-premises legacy systems, add home-based agents, or geographically expand their call center solutions. The company has been working in the field of call center provision for 35 years. Its business model survives, in part, on the fact that it provides secure connections for its clients, so its recent announcement that two of its security team members have received additional accreditation marks an important step for the company.

New Headset Solution Revealed for Call Centers

Call centers serve as the primary point of contact for businesses. Agents are the first to handle customers' questions and complaints and, therefore, they need to put their best foot forward. Employees are a key aspect of successful call centers, and the skill of the agents and their availability to handle calls in a timely and effectively manner is crucial to the success of the business. Equipping them with the right tools to help them carry out their jobs is paramount.

Multichannel Call Center Solutions Meet Customer Expectations and Eliminate Pet Peeves

Customers haven't changed in their basic wants in recent decades. The ways with which they communicate with companies, however, has changed radically and will continue to. This has presented an enormous challenge for companies hoping to offer top-notch customer support. For companies hoping to succeed, there are a number of hurdles they must overcome.

Telekom Indonesia Acquires 75 Percent of Contact Centres Australia

Telekom Indonesia is making strides in becoming a multinational competitor. It is buying up other companies and creating substantial partnerships that have resulted in its expansion throughout Indonesia, and most recently it has established itself as a major player in Australia by purchasing more than half of Contact Centres Australia (CCA).

Construction Equipment Company Uses Call Center Solution to Improve Customer Experience

A construction equipment company with several offices across two states has used a call center solution developed by AVOXI to improve customer experience and allow the different offices to function as if they were one.

'Stand Up To Cancer' Event Gets Live Call Center Support

The latest Stand Up To Cancer event took place Sept. 5 and was broadcast on more than 30 television channels for all supporters to see. This year's presentation was the fourth annual, and Eric Stonestreet of "Modern Family," Melissa McCarthy, and Steve Carell led the charge by passing the show's torch and lighting the stage with "fiery passion," according to the SU2C website.

Report: RCS Market Predicted to Reach Nearly $5.8 Billion by 2019

A recent market report indicates that the rich communications services market is poised to continue to grow through the year 2019. Despite challenges from over-the-top (OTT) service providers, analytics predict that it will reach a global worth of $5,749.6 million in five years -- up from $596.3 million in 2013 -- and that major players in the market will continue to be the driving force behind its success.

Call Center Trends Shaping Customer Service in 2014

Customer service continues to be an important strategy for businesses as this is one of the key areas that differentiates the offerings of one company from another, and also gives companies a competitive advantage in today's crowded market. Hence, call centers that interact directly with customers are embracing technology in a big way to improve their quality of service.

New Cloud Solution Delivers Higher Capabilities for the Blended Call Center

In today's customer-centric business landscape, blended call center technology can play a crucial role in delivering exemplary customer support. Ytel, a cloud communications software vendor has recently come up with a new contact center communication platform that aims to address the loopholes in the existing blended call center solutions.

Philippines Looking At Unionizing Call Center Workers

With more and more call center jobs are moving back to the United States, those people remaining abroad who have a job in a contact center are being urged to take action in order to keep their livelihood.

Sykes Opts to Close Call Center Facility in Favor of Work-from-Home Alternative

Today's emphasis on customer care has allowed a number of call centers to grow and increase hiring; however, this is not always the case. Some contact centers, in fact, are not doing well and needed or decided to close, lay-off staff or offer employees part time and full time work at home (in virtual call centers). This just happens to be the case for Sykes Enterprises Inc., a provider of contact management solutions with call centers throughout the world.

Bright Pattern, TopLine Offer Acceleration Program for San Francisco Bay Area Startups

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is becoming one of the most growing industries in 21st century. And in today's business environment, a good customer call center is often needed to provide fast, efficient and accurate services to clients. Companies that want to offer instant responses to clients' inquiries, whether online, by phone or in person, may start such a center and appoint the needed agents to make sure clients' expectations are being fulfilled.

Cloud-based Call Market Predicted to More than Double to $10.9B in Next Five Years

According to a Markets and Markets report, the cloud-based call market, currently estimated at $4.15 billion, is expected to rise to $10.9 billion in 2019. This growth spans a wide variety of industries as companies and organizations are overcoming their concerns about control over their communications system to a third party.

ECT Wins a Multi-Million Euro Tender

European Computer Telecoms AG (ECT) has secured a multi-million Euro tender with a provider of cloud call center services, the company has announced. According to the terms of the contract, ECT will deliver its INtellECT Next-Generation Intelligent Network and effECTive Network-Based Contact Center to this service provider.

Australia's Telstra Warns Consumers of Rebooted Tech Support Scam

It's a fact of life that when you manage to change a process to be impervious to scams, criminals will find another way to do it. In the U.S. today, call center-based frauds are skyrocketing, and these various crimes are taking on new dimensions all the time.

The Value of Data for Call Center Operators

According to a recent report, a partnership between Whitepages Pro and Twilio will start implementing fast call results, call tracking capabilities and the ability to verify a caller's identity.

Call Center Jobs Moving Back to US in Big Numbers

While call center jobs are notorious for being ones that are shipped overseas more than any other, the fact of the matter is that most call center jobs are being brought back to the United States. There have been years, if not decades of companies sending jobs overseas to places like Philippines, Mexico and several other countries. Now that customer service is replacing the need for companies to get through as many callers as they possibly can, those jobs are all coming back to the United States.

New South Wales to Update Call Center Solutions

An Australian information and communications technology business recently signed a contract with the government of New South Wales to allow its customer service representatives to better respond to citizens with improved response times.

Esna iLink Now for Avaya Scopia Desktop Too

Esna Technologies, a company specializing in embedded collaboration and call center solutions, this week announced the general availability of its Esna iLink for Avaya Scopia Desktop solution, a browser extension that makes it easy to schedule and start Scopia meetings right from Google Apps and Salesforce.

New Contact Center Solutions Released for the Real Estate Sector in India

In the last few years, the Indian real estate sector has seen huge growth and is expected to further expand in the coming years. Demand for commercial and residential property is being driven largely by urbanization and increasing household incomes.

Wisconsin Tweaks Do Not Call Program

The call center solutions business is one that is constantly changing, with companies hiring and letting go agents on a routine basis to reflect those changes. Sometimes the changes in the market affect the people who are being called almost as much as the call centers. This is certainly the case in Wisconsin starting today.

Access Bank Inaugurates New Contact Center in Ghana

In today's rapidly changing business world, call centers depend on the latest and most reliable solutions to build a strong reputation within the industry. Also, many businesses rely on call centers to persistently improve the quality of service offered to customers, and to enhance their own productivity.

Poll Finds Call Centers Willing to Adopt Skype for Some Uses

A poll conducted by Call Centre Helper in the U.K. has found that contact centers might be willing to use the popular VoIP service Skype for some customer service tasks.

Benefits of a Flexible Workspace

Call center workspaces have undergone a big transformation over the last few years. Gone are the days when employees worked from 9 to 5 out of their identical cubicles and linear-design office spaces. Today, it is all about giving agents a flexible workspace that meets their needs, preferences and expectations. Such a transition has given rise to telecommute, BYOD and other trends.

Call Center Solutions Offer Powerful Benefits to Small Businesses

There are many small businesses in the country that rely heavily on outbound telesales. While they may not actively call themselves "call centers," this is precisely what they are. Many of these organizations struggle with outdated technology (or very little technology at all), counting instead on onerous manual processes, paperwork and ad hoc management.

SoftWatch's New Service Promises to Transform End-User Computing Environments

Microsoft's recent announcement to discontinue its Windows XP support will force 25 percent of the world's corporations and call centers still on XP to migrate to a new OS. However, cloud-based technologies can be used as alternative options by CIOs to optimize their end-user computing environment.

Call Center Customers Matter - So Do Their Experiences

As companies realize that good products and innovation alone are not enough to sustain success, and that they need to be coupled with good customer service, the concept of customer experience management is gaining momentum. Telco companies and their call centers have begun to invest more in building and maintaining customer relationships and this trend is likely to continue.

Cognia and Semafone Offer Secure Call Center Payment Solutions

Cognia, an analytics solutions provider, and Semafone, a secure voice payment specialist, have signed a partnership that will enable call centers worldwide to transform security and compliance costs of handling customer payment information.

CorvisaCloud Invests in ManyWho for Call Center Solutions

CorvisaCloud, a cloud communications provider, is turning recent funding into an undisclosed investment and partnering with San Francisco-based company ManyWho.

Thames Water Chooses Unify to Meet the Growing Needs of the Connected Consumer

Thames Water, one of the U.K.'s largest water and wastewater services providers, has selected Unify to support its corporate focus on improving customer satisfaction, meeting regulatory compliance and increasing operational efficiency to all 15 million customers.

Wheelings & Dealings: InterCloud Partners with Harbortouch for Call Center Revamp

InterCloud Systems, Inc., single-source provider of end-to-end information technology and network solutions, recently announced that it will provide its services to help Harbortouch migrate from its legacy voice system to next-generation unified communications (UC) and contact center architectures. Harbortouchis, a supplier of point of sale (POS) systems, credit card processing equipment and a full range of merchant services.

Fujitsu's Novel Approach a Game Changer for Contact Centers?

Recently, Fujitsu announced its updated FMV Series lineup of consumer-oriented personal computers that featured enhanced design, performance specifications and a touchscreen display that was compatible with Windows 8. Complementing this new series of PCs, it announced an upgraded contact center system that would increase both security and response times.

3Clogic, Zendesk Improve Business Processes for Contact Center Customers

Call centers have evolved tremendously in the last few years. Many technological developments have been made to cater to the needs of the call center business.

Outbound and Cloud Continue to Work in Harmony for Companies

Outbound and cloud seem to go together these days as more call centers, outbound agencies, and other companies have begun taking advantage of the benefits and capabilities these two services have to offer when working together.

mCarbon Tech Innovation Unveils Advanced Call Management Mobile Application

mCarbon Tech Innovation, a value-added solutions provider, recently introduced an advanced call management mobile application, designed exclusively for Indian telecom operators.

Banks Using Voice Biometrics for Authentication

The identity verification process for banks is a process virtually everyone would love to do away with. It is tolerated because it is a necessary evil, but most people would love to find an alternative solution that is much simpler and more effective.

Why Cloud Security Matters

Cloud security is extremely important, with more and more information being stored there and increasingly sophisticated cybercriminals emerging every day. Hackers are getting smarter, finding more ways to penetrate the system and break through security.

Call Centers Making a Difference in Customer Satisfaction

While call centers have been around for decades, there are still some people who may not understand exactly what the purpose of these centers are, especially in an age when more and more companies are moving online. The bottom line is that call centers serve as the customer service arm of many companies in a huge variety of different markets.

Select the Right Provider to Optimize Your Call Center Solutions

The reliability of the call center is an important element if you want to succeed in the marketplace. This is often the only touchpoint between you and your customer base. Any failure within the call center can mean a failure in strategy and the market, putting your long-term revenue goals at risk. Fortunately, there are call center solutions available that can streamline the process so you're better equipped in the long run.

Rising Consumer Spending May Translate to Good News for Call Centers

Are Americans spending their way to a better economy? While economic indicators have been mixed during the last few years, some economists are optimistic that the signs are there that the nation may pull out of its current status of stagnation.

VoltDelta Launches New '5 for 5' Educational Video Series

These days cloud-based virtual call center solutions are gaining favor over traditional on-premises or hardware-based systems. There are numerous advantages in selecting a cloud-based contact center solution, says VoltDelta, an "On Demand Solutions" provider with a hosted infrastructure that caters to customers located in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Taking Healthcare Service to Higher Levels with MaxCS Private Cloud

It doesn't matter what your business is: the bottom line is customers are important, customer interactions matter, and the first few minutes (or seconds) of phone interaction with prospective clients often determines whether the company has got another customer or not. The medical industry is no different, and potential clients need to be handled properly.

VoltDelta Finds New Ways to Improve Call Center Services

In order to process up to two billion calls in annual volume, and provide fail-proof and consistent services to its clients, VoltDelta is expanding its call center offerings to enhance customer experience by developing the Delta ACD 2.0.

TransPerfect Opens Second Call Center in Arizona

The offshoring of call center jobs has received a lot of flak because of the increasing security risk to personal data, and American companies are looking to better serve regional and national clients by opening call centers locally. TransPerfect Remote Interpreting (TRI) is following this trend by opening its second call center in Tempe, Ariz., area.

Oracle Eloqua to Provide Industry-specific Call Center Solution

Many of the devices and applications currently available to consumers today are making it possible for call centers to address the specific needs of customers with greater precision. Multi-channel technology is now being used by call centers across all industry sectors-not only for business to consumer interactions, but also for business to business.

Are You Shortchanging Your Mobile Customers?

As a nation, we're mad for our smartphones. Nearly two-thirds of us own smartphones and most of us use them to go online. We are also using them to resolve customer issues and contact the companies with which we do business. The problem is that many companies are taking advantage of the opportunities offered by a smart phone-enabled American populace.

Why Call Center Solutions for Multichannel Environments are in Demand

How many channels do you offer clients for interaction? If your environment is like most small- to medium-sized businesses, you take phone calls from clients, manage a website with a "Contact Us" page and maybe even interact via social media. It sounds small, but these three channels make yours a multichannel environment-and that takes a special kind of attention.

Hansen Technologies Selects AIS for Call Center Solutions in the US

Hansen Technologies, a customer care and billing solution provider with clients in over 40 countries, has selected AIS as its new IT infrastructure service provider for consolidated data center operations in the United States. The announcement about this deal has been made by AIS (American Internet Services), a Southwest provider of tailored data center and cloud service solutions.

Maturing Market: What's Next for Call Centers?

The maturing of the contact center market appears to be a looming reality for the industry, requiring companies to refocus on providing positive customer service through more than one communication channel while reducing overhead costs.

IVR Messages Find Use Outside the Call Center

The ultimate aim of cancer screening is to reduce the number of people who lose their battles to it, as well as to lower the number of people who develop the disease. The current study published online in the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Preventing Chronic Disease, explores how Latinas perceive cancer screening and how they react to interactive voice response (IVR) messages for scheduling screenings.

U.S. Deportees in Mexico in High Demand for Outsourced Contact Center Work

Companies that wish to outsource their contact center and customer support functions have a dilemma today. They know from previous experience or the experience of others that contact center services can be contracted offshore for costs lower than what they pay in the U.S., largely due to lower salaries. But they also know from experience (and the experience of others) that foreign contact center agents with accents are intensely disliked by many Americans. Communication problems aside, many Americans resent the idea that a company is shipping jobs offshore during a time of high domestic unemployment.

Aligning People and Technology to Create an Effective Voice Self-Service Channel

It takes more than a vision to create an effective interactive voice response self-service solution in a contact center. There are many factors that contribute to the goal of achieving high self-service completion rates along with improved customer satisfaction with this communication channel.

Bright Pattern and thinkingVoice Launch Integrated Solution

Bright Pattern, a provider of next generation cloud based contact center software, recently announced that it has collaborated with thinkingVoice, a provider of a cloud based campaign management platform, to develop a new cloud-based solution that implements a new model for real-time lead qualification and regulatory compliance.

Integrated Research Expands Voice Quality Capabilities for Avaya Customers

Integrated Research is giving Avaya customers visibility into their multi-site contact centers. The company has recently announced expanded voice quality capabilities for Avaya customers, which are aimed to help minimize expensive outages for businesses and provide a superior experience for users.

Quality IVR Solutions Are in Demand

While not everyone enjoys reaching out to customer service only to be met with an automated system, the reality is that if we want efficient, self-service interactions, we have to let go of the live agent. For contact centers, this means taking advantage of interactive voice response (IVR) systems to meet their needs.

The Differences Between UK and US Consumers

While most contact centers, which service small to medium-sized businesses, don't operate on a global basis, the largest of companies might operate contact center services across national borders. For organizations doing business in both the U.S. and the UK, providing cross-Atlantic customer service may come with a few challenges. Most notably, American and British consumers have some different preferences and reactions when it comes to less-than-sterling customer service.

Planning to Migrate Your Contact Center to the Cloud? How's Your Network?

Many contact centers are finding the value of moving to the cloud. While most companies are doing it in short bits and pieces - dabbling by using cloud-based CRM first before venturing elsewhere - they are finding that the cost savings, broadened functionality and flexibility are worth their time.

Frost & Sullivan Award Underscores Innovation in IVR Technology

Interactive voice response (IVR) technology has been used for decades in contact centers to route calls and for self-service purposes, helping customers get answers to the most routine questions. The goal is to offload certain simple questions from live agents, keeping call queue lengths down and allowing customers access to immediate answers.

DATEL Software Solutions Rolls Out New Contact Center Software

DATEL Software Solutions, a developer of contact center and call accounting applications, has unveiled its new Unified Contact Center SWEET (UCCS) for Avaya IP Office.

Study Finds Too Few Contact Centers Audit for Call Abandon Regulatory Requirements

In the U.K., it's five percent. In the U.S, it's three percent. It's one of the most critical rules of telemarketing. What is it? It's the percentage of calls that can be "abandoned" by telemarketers. If a company exceeds these rates, they could be subject to fines.

Arthritis Foundation Looks to Streamline Knowledge Management with SmartSupport

It's well known that knowledge is useless until it is shared, and this is the aim of The Arthritis Foundation, which is striving to help arthritic people lead a better life. Wanting to put the massive amounts of knowledge at its command to far better use and thereby empower its call center agents, it has decided to deploy SmartSupport, Safeharbor's knowledge base platform.

Public Sector Contact Centers Face Far Greater Challenges than the Private Sector

While running a contact center is challenging enough - it certainly requires keeping many eyes on a multitude of people, processes and technology - there is special admiration that should be reserved for those who manage to successfully manage a public-sector contact center.

Clarabridge Introduces New Global Partner Program

Clarabridge, provider of intelligent customer experience management (CEM) solutions, has opened the door for independent software vendors, service integrators, consultancies, value added resellers and service providers to join its newly introduced partner program.

Successful Big Data Management Leads Directly to Contact Center Personalization

In the contact center of 2014, there are two major trends: big data and personalization. Big data, of course, refers to the fact that the average contact center collects so much information about customers on a day-to-day basis that it wouldn't be difficult to work up a complete psychological profile of a customer after a few months of multichannel interactions. Personalization refers to the fact that customers want to be treated like individual human beings when they contact a company: They want that company to know who they are, what they have purchased, and when and how they last contacted the company. They also like it when the company can anticipate their needs in advance.

LiveOps Successfully Closes $30 Million Round of Debt Funding from Commerce Bank

LiveOps, Inc., a provider of cloud contact center and customer service solutions, recently announced the successful closing of a $30 million round of debt financing from Comerica Bank. The company also announced the creation of LiveOps Cloud Platform and LiveOps Agent Services; two new separate corporate entities which will function as it's wholly owned subsidiaries. Marty Beard, CEO of LiveOps will take on the position of the Chairman of the Board. LiveOps is a leading

Brierley+Partners Announces Partnership with GPShopper

Brierley+Partners, a provider of customer relationship management and customer loyalty solutions and programs, has recently entered into a strategic partnership agreement with GPShopper, a provider of retail mobile commerce solutions.

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