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Rising Customers Expectations of a Great Experience Increasingly Out of Reach to Companies Lacking Resources

Companies may not specifically set New Year's resolutions for themselves, but those with a vested interest in helping the company succeed certain do, even if it's only mentally. For a significant portion of companies today, the driving goal for this year (and most years) is to improve the customer experience. There are simply too many studies that demonstrate that customers will quickly abandon any organization that doesn't meet their expectations. If a company is going to succeed, excellence in the customer experience is critical.

When Marketing Makes Omnichannel Promises the Call Center Can't Keep

It has become clear to most companies today, whether they operate in the business-to-business or business-to-consumer environments, that modern, cross-channel customer support is what customers value most. Thanks to the number of people buying online, companies no longer have their physical stores or offices to differentiate themselves, so they're taking an omnichannel approach to marketing by luring customers in with the promise of sexy, personalized and thoroughly twenty-first century customer support. Omnichannel marketing may be effective at luring customers in, but once they get a gander at most companies' actual customer support - slow, decidedly un-sexy and thoroughly twentieth century - it won't keep them.

Utility Customers Actually Want DIY; What You Need to Know to Get Ready

The call center has long been the key touch point for those customers who are unhappy with a service, have a problem with a product or simply have a question and can't find the answer on their own. In recent years, however, call center solutions have focused less on putting the right people in the right place and more on enabling the right self-service options for those who want to do it themselves.

Siloed Approach to Customer Service Can Spell Disaster

Providing customer service in a silo could spell disaster for any organization. While most companies have taken steps to offer multi-channel customer engagement and interaction options, these disparate forms of communication are not always integrated, which can lead to frustration for customers and businesses alike.

Simpler Customer Service Calls? Service is the App for That.

"There's an app for that" will likely go down in history as one of the most overused phrases around, yet also one of the most eerily apt. For a while, it was being applied to virtually everything from phone calls to travel reservations and beyond. Now, it's getting a new application as a means to make customer service calls go more smoothly thanks to a new app called Service.

ShoreTel to Acquire Corvisa, Adds Call Center Solution to Suite

This week, ShoreTel announced it will be purchasing Corvisa, a cloud-based communications solution provider, for $8.5 million in cash from Novation Companies. The acquisition is expected to close early 2016, and will beef up ShoreTel's offerings in several key areas.

Promero Launches CTI Connector in Oracle Service Cloud

The Oracle Service Cloud acts as one of the biggest public clouds in the world. It provides Oracle customers with instant access to any applications available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. The latest third party vendor to have its name imprinted in that marketplace is Promero, and the Promero Cloud Call Center CTI Connector will now be able to provide all those customers with calling options such as interaction management and call recording as standard fare.

NewNet Taps Dialogic for VoltDelta Voice Application Virtualization

In the final month of 2015, it seems NewNet Communication Technologies is working hard to be up-to-date as possible going into the New Year. Last week, for example, the provider of next generation mobile technology solutions partnered with CALLUP and Neusoft to address VoWiFi and enhanced chat demand. Now NewNet is following that up by selecting Dialogic's PowerMedia XMS media processing solution to support the virtualization of certain VoltDelta-hosted call center voice applications.

A Customer Experience by an Army of Robots? Consider Ditching the Script

For some contact centers, the concept of scripting remains important. Whether it's because of new agents or highly complex products, most contact centers rely on scripting at least a little bit. The process of scripting has gotten easier in recent years, thanks to call center solutions with browser-based agent desktops such as those offered by VoltDelta that facilitate integration into available knowledge bases or scripting resources. Agents have more tools available to them, and companies have been able to build smarter scripts thanks to the integration.

TouchCommerce Incorporates Nuance's Natural Language Understanding

The pace in which speech recognition software is evolving means it won't be long before the keyboard becomes optional. Nuance Communications is one company making great strides, and its Natural Language Understanding (NLU) will be part of the real-time omnichannel engagement platform of TouchCommerce.

The Modern Call Center Solution Shortens Transactions While Raising Quality of Service

Implementing a modern call center solution such as the one offered by VoltDelta allows employees to find all of the information they need within seconds. An intelligent, data driven call center solution can optimize the customer's journey and make a huge difference in the efficiency of contact center agents.

Indosoft Adds Support for Asterisk 11

Call centers operate in an environment in which new touch points are constantly being added to address the many different technologies consumers use. By adding support of Asterisk 11 in its Q-Suite 5.10, Indosoft makes it possible for users to create a communications solution as part of their call center that is open source, flexible and scalable to address the needs of small businesses and large enterprises.

What to Consider When Outsourcing Your Call Center

As with most new business initiatives, the first step is understanding your needs before undertaking the project. Key questions to ask are whether the call center will need to run 24 hours or only part of the day, and what communication channels must be supported. It also is important to have a ballpark understanding of the volume of calls that is expected.

Call Center Solution Now Integrated with Zendesk

Bright Pattern, a developer of call center solutions, recently announced that it has partnered with Zendesk to extend its options for customer support.

Why Gamification Needs to Be in the Call Center

You've probably heard about gamification; it is one of those buzz words like unified communications that swirls around in top trend stories and among those looking for the latest edge.

Cogito Releases New Call Center Voice Analysis Software

When it comes to the call center industry, there has been a move over the last few years to improve customer service in order to generate better revenues. The problem is that while companies understand they need to offer top notch customer service, just how to do that can be a big of a quandary. The ability to offer better customer service is made more difficult when you take into account that managers are not always going to have the time to monitor every single call and every single operator.

iQor Opens New Call Center

Following years of outsourcing their contact center operations overseas, U.S. businesses have returned to home soil with a vengeance. The U.S. contact center market remains in full swing as yet another major location opens in the states.

Salesforce Offers Integrated Customer Service, Sales Tools for Small Businesses

Salesforce has integrated its and SalesforceIQ solutions so that the customer service and sales representatives at the small businesses that use these tools can access and share relevant customer data. This integration is available for free starting today for customers using Pro and Business Plus Editions and SalesforceIQ Growth and Business Plans.

WageWorks & Mattersight Push to Better Customer Service

Customer service is a huge part of the overall customer experience, and a better customer experience means a better chance of return business and improved loyalty. Getting better customer service is high on the list of priorities for many firms, and a new development between WageWorks and Mattersight Corporation will help drive better customer service for at least one firm.

Verint Customer Engagement Optimization Finds Role in Japanese Shopping Channel

Television-based shopping is not limited to America, as revealed by recent news that Verint Systems' Verint Customer Engagement Optimization system is currently producing some impressive value in a Japanese television shopping channel.

Ytel Simplifies Lead Generation with LeadBeam

Ytel has announced it has added LeadBeam to its family of apps as part of its X5 Cloud Contact Center.

pascom Adds Skills-Based Routing to mobydick

pascom Netzwerktechnik, developers of the mobydick VoIP system, announced version 7.11 of the open source contact center solution.

Generate Revenue Using Call Center Solutions

For any startup, generating revenue early in the sales lifecycle can be difficult. According to Ciol, building revenue can be as simple as using your call center solutions, and the key lies in the software.

Call Center Solution Now Available as Mobile App

In the call center space, we're accustomed to brick and mortar operations where calling floors are lined with cubicles and individuals make calls using scripts and assigned numbers. Trends disrupting the industry include outsourcing, offshoring and virtual call center solutions. Now, the latest involves the use of the mobile phone and we're not just talking about customers.

New Solution Highlights Benefits of Cloud Use for Customer Engagement

Cloud technologies may be intangible, but the benefits of using it are very real, particularly in the call center.

Open Source Call Center Solutions Help Operations and the Bottom Line

Knowing the best way to answer your business phones is one of the challenges in business that cannot be ignored. You not only have to determine the tone, script and timing, you also need to decide between a live or virtual assistant. While the desires of your customer base and target audience have to be considered, you also have to pick a process that fits with your overall business plan. When it comes to call center solutions, there is no one right answer.

Anthony Marlowe Repurchases TMone, Relaunches as Mass Markets

NASCAR investor Anthony Marlowe has announced that he has repurchased TMone and renamed it Mass Markets. The renaming is part of its retargeting toward cloud computing and Marlowe is ambitious about the company's prospects.

VoltDelta Recertified as PCI Level 1 DSS 3.1 Service Provider

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council created the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) as an information security standard to ensure the protection of credit card information. Organizations that hold, process, or exchange the information of the credit card holder need to have PCI certification. For companies that have been classified as Level I, which is the largest type, the validation must be performed by a PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) for an independent assessment.

IntelePeer Finalizes Advantone Acquisition

IntelePeer Holdings has announced that it has completed its acquisition of call center solutions provider Advantone.

Virtual Hold Technology Releases Navigator Outcome Management Software

Virtual Hold Technology (VHT) is working to improve multichannel customer service experiences with its release of VHT Navigator. This customer outcome management software works to capture as much relevant data as possible between brands and customers in order to provide brands with information about when and how they can best reach their most valuable assets.

SNTTA Adopts Altitude Software Contact Center

The Sharjah National Travel Tourist Agency (SNTTA) operates as a travel agency in several cities throughout the United Arab Emirates. It recently announced that it has adopted the Altitude Software contact center software to power its growing operations in the country.

Citrix Introduces Concierge and Seeit for Real Time Customer Service on Mobile

Smart mobile devices can now be used to deliver new levels of customer service. Virtually any industry can start providing personalized services geared to address specific problems as it relates to a product using this technology. With that in mind, Citrix has introduced two new interactive mobile support solutions that give businesses the opportunity to provide real-time customer service.

SAP Preps Customer Profile Engine and Personalization Suite

SAP SE has announced a roadmap for enhanced customer relationship management software. The goal is to give businesses a single, contextual view of their customers, while giving each customer a consistent, personalized experience across all channels.

The 2016 e-Commerce Contact Center: Engagement is Job One

Remember when Ford was all about quality being "job one"? Some new word has recently emerged about the future of the contact center, and for 2016, the new job one is engagement. Several new trends have emerged that suggest the future of the contact center next year, and a lot of those trends are focused on making contact with the customer and getting the most out of that contact, particularly for e-commerce users.

A Pair of New Patents for 8x8

For communications businesses-and most any technology business, really-patents are the thing that keeps a lot of business going. Without patents, there often come issues of cash flow, potential legal battles, and several other problems. With patents comes advantage in the marketplace and new bargaining leverage, and 8x8 recently landed a pair of new patents in communications.

Bright Pattern Adds WeChat to Omni-Channel Call Center Solution

Call centers use many different solutions to interact with customers. With so many options available in today's communications sector, each technology can provide benefits that addresses certain segments of the population. This can be witnessed by the demographics that get in touch with contact centers. While most Baby Boomers prefer voice, for millennials that is their last option, instead opting for self-service, email or chat. That is why the integration of WeChat, a social messaging app with 600 million monthly active users, by Bright Pattern, a cloud-based contact center solution provider, makes a lot of sense.

Verint Releases Portuguese Version of Engagement Management Software

Verint, a company that specializes in the creation of business intelligence products, recently announced that it has released the Portuguese language version of its Verint Engagement Management software.

Verint, Vidyo Offer Mobile Video Customer Engagement Solution

Verint and Vidyo have announced a partnership to develop a new call center solution that allows call centers to help customers via mobile video.

Study: eGain, Forrester Show Lack of Customer Service Improvement

eGain, a provider of cloud-based customer engagement software, recently announced the findings of its latest industry survey. In the survey it commissioned Forrester Consulting to complete, it found that opinion of customer service is either worse than it was last year or stagnant at best.

Call Center Solution Brings BPO into the Cloud

Today, updating a call center is a cloudy venture. The cloud provides the flexibility and cost savings needed into today's ever-changing business landscape. The ability to customize an offering to fit one's needs is invaluable, and one firm seeing the benefits of a new cloud deployment is Tactical TeleSolutions.

VoltDelta's IVR Solution for Rx Outreach Earns Speech Industry Award

VoltDelta recently announced that it was jointly named with Rx Outreach as 2015 Speech Industry Award recipients in the Implementation Awards category for an IVR solution that facilitated prescription assistance for low-income recipients. The solution improved client engagement while complying with regulations like HIPAA.

Cyara Crawler Automates IVR Development, Alterations

Cyara, a developer of interactive voice response (IVR) development software, recently announced the launch of its Cyara Crawler application, which can automatically reverse engineer existing call center IVR's to give developers more power when changing their call mapping structures.

Fonolo Partners with SJS for Digital Display of Call-back Info

Fonolo develops its own call-back software for businesses that want to replace hold time with agent-returned calls to customers. It recently announced a partnership with SJS Solutions, a provider of digital displays, to make its call-back queuing available on large screens in call center workrooms.

Indosoft Announces Upgrades to ACD Call Center Solution

The pool of call center solutions options is a deep one. With such a vast amount of offerings available, innovation and development must remain front of mind. Indosoft, known for its provision of Asterisk-based call center solutions, announced the development and expected release of its new and improved Q-Suite 6.

SMBs See New Call Center Solution

The call center is in the process of transformation, and this evolution is creating a demand for more 'evolved' solutions. In response to this trend, NewVoiceMedia has released a call center solution that is not just cloud-based but directed toward a market segment that at times is neglected-SMBs.

Two-Way Messaging and SMS Added by Bright Pattern

Near the end of last year, the Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan American think tank that provides information on social issues, public opinion and demographic trends shaping the U.S. and the world, reported that on average, Americans check their cell phones about 150 times per day to see if they have received any text messages.

ShoreTel Answers Cloud Need, Brings Call Center Solutions to UK

This week, ShoreTel made ShoreTel Cloud, its cloud UC and contact center solution, available in the United Kingdom through channel partners. The announcement comes as a response to the growing cloud adoption numbers in recent months.

Call Center Solutions Face a Cloudy Forecast

The cloud is a boon for the enterprise, and specifically it offers call center solutions developers the perfect medium to disperse their software. This week, VOX Network Solutions announced that its NuStratus portfolio will now offer Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solutions powered by Spoken.

Not-For-Profit Program Finds Cost Savings and Better Customer Service with VoltDelta's Hosted Contact Center

While it may intuitively seem like running a multichannel contact center, by definition, would demand that a company approach multiple vendors, it's an odd truth that the reverse is usually the case. As organizations today are expected to maintain consistent quality of service across multiple communications channels, the best approach is a unified platform that natively integrates telephone, Web, email, chat, mobile apps and even social media. While not all companies need all these channels, it's helpful for smaller organizations to turn to a solution that allows them to add channels to the mix as they grow and evolve. For a no-for-profit organization that doesn't have keep pockets, it makes sense to go with a cloud-based approach.

Nuance Aids ATO with Voice Biometrics Call Center Solutions

Voice: the first frontier for the call center. And, as more firms have issues with security and are tasked with providing an omni-channel experience, voice remains a key component of the call center. The next frontier for voice is biometrics, and specifically to provide a safe and secure means for authentication. Nuance Communications has been playing in this sandbox for some time, and recently announced the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) will be leveraging its voice biometrics solutions in its call center.

ERM, CRM Integration Means Better Business Processes, Enhanced Productivity

Enterprise resource management (ERM) is an essential tool that integrates all the individual department functions into a single software application. It provides an automatic workflow from one department to another, to ensure a smooth transition and quicker completion of processes. Similarly, customer relationship management, or CRM, offers workflow automation replaces repetitive manual processes to cut admin work and eliminate duplication so teams can focus on profitable activity. While these two are mutually exclusive, according to ITWeb, integrating ERM and CRM can reap huge benefits for many of the same reasons, but together as opposed to two separate units.

TCPA Changes Affect Robocalls

Last month's decision by the FCC on the clarification of robocalls under the TCPA is receiving criticism for possible impacts on how and when customers consent to receiving communication from businesses they patronize.

Call Center Solutions Survey Aimed at Educating Enterprise

Every episode of the cartoon series G.I. Joe would include the line, "Knowing is half the battle." The same can be said in the call center environment in regard to what users need to provide customers with an exceptional customer experience. In that light, Telax, a provider of call center solutions, has created to collect data on how contact center solutions can be improved.

Nissan Keeping Customers Happy with OpenScape Call Center Solution

When it comes to customer service, call centers and retail companies alike are trying to figure out just what makes a customer the most happy. It appears that Nissan is coming rather close to finding the silver bullet. The firm makes sure its customers understand it is paying attention to them. One case in point is the popularity of the Qashqai. This particular vehicle, not available in the United States is quite impressive in its popularity in the U.K.

Master Agent Expands Call Center Solutions Portfolio

A call center solution serves as the proverbial straw the stirs the drink, by ensuring communications are seamless, contextual and most importantly provide the customer with speedy resolution. These can play a major role in customer retention and a healthy bottom line. A known industry entity, TCN announced a partnership with carrier neutral master agent, MPG Management Associates, Corp. yesterday that will expand MPG's portfolio of offerings.

VoltDelta Names Ben Miller Senior Vice President

When it comes to the world of call centers, there are a number of different ways companies are finding to make sure they are serving their customers well. Call center software is a key ingredient to providing exceptional customer service.

3CLogic, HelpSocial Combine on New Breed of Social in Contact Centers

Omnichannel is a word thrown around a lot these days, but the repetition really doesn't distract from the sheer importance of the idea, and the kind of value that it represents. Those looking to take the advice of so many out there and become more available to customers across different segments of possible contact-what "omnichannel" is really about-will find a new ally in 3CLogic and HelpSocial, who partnered on a new breed of social customer service contact center operation.

Eastern Bank's Voice Recognition Software Put to Work in the Call Center

It wasn't so long ago that we got a look at how voice recognition biometrics was poised to explode on the scene in a very big way, with a Tractica report suggesting that so-called speaker recognition tools would see the total license count spiral upward from 49 million in 2015 to 565.8 million by just 2024. Recently, we got a look at one specific such use case, as Eastern Bank was set to put in voice identification systems at the bank's call center operations.

Infinite Media Helps Companies Make Sure Employees Are Ready for the Job

Trial by fire tends to be the way most people learn how to do their jobs. That, of course, is not usually the ideal way for individuals to segue into new roles.

VoltDelta and Oracle Partner on WebRTC Enabled Cloud Call Center Solution

One new frontier that appears to be gaining popularity when it comes to the call center market is the cloud. Private companies and government agencies are noticing just how much easier and more agile working through the cloud can be. This was underlined by the announcement earlier this week from VoltDelta and Oracle. The announcement heralds a partnership that will launch a new, integrated multichannel cloud contact center solution that uses the Oracle Communications WebRTC session controller.

Upgrades Released for Upstream Works for Finesse

Upstream Works has long been among the top companies in the world when it comes to omnichannel insight and automation for call centers, which are looking to get a leg up in the customer service world. Earlier this week, the firm took the next step by announcing the addition of the AnyTask Routing solution to its already award winning Upstream Works for Finesse smart agent desktop. By adding this solution to the platform, the system is more easily able to shift any third-party task to the next available agent while also giving full tracking and reporting options.

Aircall Taking Support Team Software to New Heights

One of the newest startups to make a scene in the telecommunications industry is Aircall. It is based in France and relies on the use of desktop and Chrome apps that use WebRTC to act as virtual phones.

A Milestone for ePlus as Cisco Ranks it in Unified Contact Center Technology

Company milestones are always important to take note of; those special times in a company's history where a certain number of users are reached or sales are made are all important to a company's identity, and even encourage other businesses to work with those firms. Recently, ePlus made just such a milestone happen itself, as it landed a new designation from Cisco.

DMi Partners Moves to Indosoft Q-Suite 5.8, Reports Improvements

Marketing firm DMi Partners has been using the Indosoft Q-Suite contact center platform since 2010. There have been a number of upgrades to the software since that time, and DMi announced that it recently upgraded its own center to version 5.8 recently hit the market.

Know Your Call Center Solution

I'm talking about the difference between Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and call center software. This distinction is important for any business-so let's dig in.

Gartner Places Vocalcom in Magic Quadrant Five Years in a Row

The research firm Gartner has named Vocalcom as part of its Magic Quadrant in a report on contact center infrastructure for its cloud contact center solutions.

Injixo to Provide Amway New Zealand its WFM Solution

Established in 1959 by Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos, Amway, uses a multilevel marketing model to sell a range of products in more than a hundred countries around the world through affiliated companies. Beginning in the late 50s and continuing through today, Amway has been integrating the latest technology in the marketplace to improve the operational efficiency of the organization and provide its customers with quality support. The New Zealand affiliate of the company announced it has selected a cloud-based global workforce management from injixo for overall improvements in its regional contact center.

Cloud-Based Call Center Solution Goes Global

Contextual and seamless interactions are what every customer expects to have when reaching out to a company. Regardless of channel or location, a company should be capable of providing this type of aware customer service that smoothly routes the customer to the proper agent or channel so he or she can find resolutions with as minimal stress as possible.

Rosetta Turns to IBM for Improved Engagement

The call center serves as the hub for the customer experience, and as companies have shifted to more customer-centric mindsets we've seen much in the way of improving the customer journey and engagement. This week, we saw customer engagement agency Rosetta launched the IBM edition of its NEXUS Operating System (OS).

Take Voice From Last Resort to Top of the Heap

When it comes to solving a problem, customers like to take care of that job alone, if at all possible. Online video, frequently asked question sheets, knowledge bases and a host of other points help to get this done and provide customers the level of self-service desired, but sometimes, none of this is enough to help, and customers turn to the voice lines to get those all-important answers. But is it possible to take voice from the channel of last resort to the channel that makes lifelong customer friends? It can be, with the right philosophy behind it.

STARTEK Deploys iGuard to Increase Payment Security in its Contact Centers

When call center operators provide services for companies, they are privy to a wide range of private information about their customers. Human nature being what it is, many employees around the world have used their position to use this information to commit criminal acts, which results in major inconveniences to the rightful owner. With that in mind operators have been implementing security protocols that limit the amount of access agents to sensitive information. STARTEK, a global BPO service provider of comprehensive call center solutions, is going a step further by implementing the iGuard platform by IntraNext Systems to protect the credit card information of customers.

Avista Utilities Upgrades to Oracle Customer Care and Billing

Oracle recently announced that it has upgraded the legacy customer care and billing system of Avista Utilities - a major provider of energy services and utilities to thousands of homes in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.

Reports? Who Needs Call Center Reports?

While the call center serves is the frontline of customer service for many companies, its agents are unfortunately left poorly equipped or undermanned to handle the demand of today's customer. Companies are not doing their due diligence in measuring performance, as reporting is a key function in the call center.

A Voice Says More Than Words

For the call center, voice is a primary channel of communication. And, what many call centers are realizing is that it is not just what customers are saying, but how they are saying it. For this reason, voice biometrics has been increasingly utilized in the call center to determine best course of action for agents by offering transparency into the customer.

GetApp Unveils Quarterly Call Center Solutions Report

The proliferation of the cloud is revolutionizing call center solutions and the customer experience in the process. The cloud deployment model allows for an enterprise to implement a customizable deployment to provide customers with the best possible experience in an omni-channel environment. Recently, the largest cloud-based business apps marketplace, GetApp released its inaugural ranking of call center solutions-specifically cloud-based solutions.

New Partnership Focuses on Cloud-Based Call Center Solutions

With much the same fervor we have seen birds return north for the summer enterprises are migrating to cloud-based call center solutions to best provide customers with exemplary service. Trying to capitalize on this recent trend, Corvisa, a cloud communications provider, announced a strategic partnership with Intelisys, one of the largest technology service distributors in the United States.

Enghouse Interactive Achieves Certification for Integrating with SAP's CRM Software

Call center agents using Enghouse Interactive contact center software are now provided with comprehensive access to a customer's history and critical data using a fully unified interface. The CRM Connector 1.0 integrates seamlessly into SAP's CRM infrastructure to enable a fluid exchange of data between Enghouse's deployed solution and SAP Business Suite software.

K4 Unveils Business Mentorship Program

K4 Solutions, a firm that is ranked among the very best when it comes to information technology, call center and managed solutions has just announced it is launching its own Business Mentorship program. This kind of a program, K4 hopes will lead to more businesses finding a way to bring better customer service to their customers as well as better revenues to the companies themselves.

Ipsy Addressing Social Media with Conversocial

Today's omni-channel customer experience world requires the call center to handle communications across the channel of a customer's choosing. One channel garnering particular attention is social media, as anybody follow the news in recent months has seen how a negative customer service experience can quickly go viral. In addressing this concern and ensuring exceptional customer experiences across social media Ipsy has selected Conversocial to upgrade its social media customer service.

New My:Time 3.0 Digital Engagement Solution Seamlessly Spans Mobile and Web Environments

Engaging with your customers is one of the top mandates for any business, and mobility, social media and the BYOD trend have all expanded the rules of engagement. These platforms have also created some challenges as organizations need to be consistently present and interactive on a rapidly growing number of desktop and mobile platforms.

Kodak Alaris Kickstarts Response Times in Call Centers

The call center is the frontline for customer service; no matter what the customer query two things are integral to be a successful call center: response and resolution time. Fix the problem, and do so in as quick and painless a manner as possible. To take this notion from idea to real-world results, Kodak Alaris announced the Kodak Info Insight Platform.

Call Centers Shifting Focus to Personality-based Service

The call center is not what it was 10 or even five years ago, as the customer experience gains focus the tools and way in which these hubs of customer service function has evolved to leveraging big data, analytics, voice etc. to provide the most satisfying and contextual customer experience possible.

Google Cloud Powers Avaya SaaS Solution

Users receive the Customer Engagement OnAvaya software with its subscription based license, and if quick implementation is a priority, an agent can be up and running with a chrome device and a headset.

Promero Partners for Comprehensive Call Center Solution

The call center is fraught with the peril involved in de-escalating an upset customer, finding resolution for a query or even walking a customer through a difficult installation or upgrade for a software solution-not to mention many, many more. Fear not, this is where customer relationship management software swoops in to save the day and this week we've had a big announcement from Promero.

Enghouse Interactive Updates CCE Supports Omni-Channel Environments

Enghouse Interactive has released a significant update (PRC 3, version 9) to its Contact Center: Enterprise solution (CCE). The new version of the solution has a higher performing predictive dialer and supports omni-channel communication.

Call Centers Turning to Gamification Get More Options

It's long been said that work is no game, but with the concept of gamification, it's rapidly starting to look a lot more like a game, complete with winners and losers. Gamification allows a variety of different things-everything from watching television to taking Facebook quizzes-to become more like games, and the call center is absolutely no exception here. In fact, some suggest that the call center could be one of the biggest new sources of gamification around, and some new moves from Arizona companies are making that clear.

Capitalizing on the Chemistry of Conversation: Using Science to Create Call Center Magic

The goal of any call center agent is to resolve a customer's issue as quickly and painlessly as possible. The vast majority of people calling into a call center want exactly the same thing. It reads like the recipe for an effortless interaction.

Sky Italia to Use Vlocity Communications CRM

The latest announcement from Vlocity, a software development company which integrates its products with Salesforce1, reveals that it will be working with Italian pay TV provider Sky Italia to help improve its customers' experiences across multiple channels and devices.

Legacy Integration with New Systems Makes for Obstacles in the Call Center

Technology is a fast moving train. The good thing about the speed is businesses can take advantage of the latest and greatest features for what they do. The major downside is that businesses invest in certain applications and solutions, only to realize soon after it's considered "legacy." In the contact center, this is a common problem; taking older applications, integrating them with new systems, and trying to get it all done in one, seamless fell swoop. This creates some obstacles, but these aren't hurdles that are difficult to overcome.

Twilio Launches TaskRouter Intelligent Routing API

Twilio, a cloud communications company providing application programming interfaces (APIs) for the development of cutting edge text messaging, Voice over IP (VoIP) and voice applications, recently announced the launch of TaskRouter, an intelligent task routing API.

Mobilethink to Supply Device Guides to Digicel

Spirent Communications offers network test and measurement services for enterprises' and service providers' data centers, cloud and virtualized environments, and landline and wireless networks. It recently announced that Mobilethink, its mobile device intelligence business unit, will begin offering the Device Guides service to Digicel, a communications an entertainment provider, for customers in the Caribbean, Central America, and Asia Pacific.

Session Border Controllers for Call Center Development, Performance

Those who work in call center management know that the customer experience is the most important issue to focus on, that all others pale in comparison. Great products can suffer from poor customer service and mediocre ones can be very successful if supported properly. While the focus on improving customer support in the past few years has been on the acquisition of better hardware to manage the call center, one standard piece of equipment is being frequently reconfigured in cutting edge centers to serve much more than its original purpose.

Fidelity Looks to Refresh its Digital Customer Approach with eMoney Buy

As businesses look for new and innovative ways to provide a more personable customer experience that takes into account the modern digital lifestyle, business-to-consumer e-portals with innovative functions like co-browsing and screen-sharing have come to the fore for customer service. Looking to capitalize on the trend, Fidelity Investments is looking to refresh its online approach with the acquisition of eMoney Advisor.

SJS Solutions Announces New Visual Communications Platform

SJS Solutions, a company specializing in visual communications solutions, recently announced the upcoming launch of a new call center solutions platform based on its acclaimed Optymyse 4.2 product.

Manipulating Data Across Channels for True 'Omnichannel' Customer Support

There is a lot of discussion today about whether contact centers are ready to go "omnichannel." This term goes beyond the traditional "multichannel" and describes a contact center that's ready to handle customer inquiries that may be spread over several different channels (for example, a customer starts with a chat session than picks up the phone to continue the transaction).

Will 2015 be the Year of Customer Self Service?

As communication technology evolves, so too does the call center and the solutions created for it. The past few years have seen incredible growth in mobile, IP-based and unified communication technologies that are making it easier than ever before to create instant connections between businesses and customers. But with so much change, it can be a challenge to stay ahead of the curve and predict not just the trends on the horizon, but the potential problems as well.

Five Small Call Center Adjustments That Make a Huge Difference

Little improvements often are what separate the average call center from the amazing call center. True innovations are few within the call center, and those that do emerge from technology or new business practices are quickly copied. So what separates the average from the awesome are the little things.

VoltDelta's Call Center Solutions Honored by CIO Review

The face of customer service is changing, as new and innovative solutions enter the scene, bringing with them ways to make the user experience not only more efficient and effective, but also more personalized and engaging. By offering customers the tools they prefer, such as a wide range of communication options, contacting a call center becomes a more satisfying exchange for both the customer and agent. Call center solutions are evolving every day to accommodate user demands, and VoltDelta is at the head of that curve.

Interest Grows for Call Centers in the Caribbean, Central America

Vacationers flock to the Caribbean and Central America for their snowy white beaches, clean blue waters, and amazing scuba experiences. But it turns out locales within these regions are pretty attractive when it comes to call center solutions and outsourcing as well.

VXI Acquires Symbio for Enhanced End-to-End Customer Service

Customer services today are not just for answering questions and resolving issues-these services allow companies to gather valuable information regarding consumer demand that can be used to create new products and services. Now, with the myriad channels by which customers can communicate with businesses, these dialogs are happening at an increasingly rapid rate, and consumer interests are changing just as fast.

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